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. the university name should be used because it is not accredited in any way shape or form he promised to be there. he promised to teach them about real-estate and how they too could be a top millionaire. it's basically an institution for saying milo so high. it's just parade if you bought into his university program, shame on you because you should know better. how he made his money. selling stupid seminars and he inherited most of it. >>mark: and also the rimfire burning out of yosemite. a big economic impact. >> yes my my sister-in-law's house and said that-my sister's husband said how will this affect california. >> people who work for a living in the bay area but for now torres who gets yosemite can no longer get to. it's going to be $600 million has already been spent by the united states forest service. they are running out of money. i love california camping and it's going to become worse off even though we pay high sales and income taxes and the state, it's a shame. >>mark: and microsoft. ceo retiring. that this peace comes from the new york times basically saying back in 2004 microsoft h
. this would be more problematic. >> i am looking ahead at u.s. air ways. if they are going to do a big merger. you stated that they are a loser, wire of a loser? >> ultimately, uni are losing our ability to fly with competition. u.s. air ways only have to give up so much prayer is not a lot of competition out there, it is nof competition. >> a jet blue is missing out on low fares. they offered a lot last year at a discount. their stocks went up but they have pulled back to 6. the big carriers are starting to restrict what they can do. they are charging $4,000 for flights. and jet blue will and bigger seats they would even have beds. >> they are looking for a different niche. >> they are looking for the premium of four balls about flies in the did not the states. this is from new york to san francisco. they will put suites in planes. i would rather do the 600 vs before a thousand. >> time warner. >> this one is interesting because loss angeles, new york, and dallas. the disruptions are happening and we're seen this more and more. we will have no cbs in new york city until ste september. i like
for real estate in san francisco. it is smart, they are competing and they're using their share prices. >> there are taken away from competition. >> the right time is now of the winners of torture and i ipo.to enter an ipo. twutte = =. malig >> i love you talk about the movies. this leaves a job samoan was not good. it did not do well. >e steve jobs movie did not do well. >> it was in the history about apple more than the history of steve jobs. they are expected to bring down another more they later. >> he is also helping out with this movie. >> he stated that they were being paid by other companies. i just think that ashton kosher when he's the one a romantic scene he does okay. >> the butler was the number one movie at the box office. this was the head of the weekend. >> it was a low budget film m. monday killed on this show.but it filled the show. >> what about harley davidsons.s? >> they have better lighting. they have a better and things when it comes to motorcycles. when the economy is doing well i kinda one motorcycle. >> this is starting to be a great margin because they are st
. they will not compete. they used to have 50 percent of the market shares three years ago but now they have less than 30%. microsoft, apple, samsung-session next loser could be j.c. penney. that is what they should have named their companies. the board of directors stated that day should stop talking about their problems because is not helping their employees or the shareholders. j.c. penney-- he has lost half a billion dollars on his investments. >> the next fostoria's twitter. they are a winner and they are coming public that they are hiring. they have quarterly filings. they need someone inside of their company who can tell you what is important information. as an investor you have to read this material. they have to disclose this. even if the company denies it. >> the next up would be wall street. they have great reason to fall off in september. there will be a new fed chief name. there is going to be some cumbrous action or inaction. the debt ceiling will be out there. september will be a high drama month. the winner or loser, airline passengers apart a flight 2114 will get $10,000. this is want to
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4

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